Although Listen Research has extensive experience working with companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 100, our expertise is frequently sought in the following specific industries:

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With extensive corporate and agency experience in the gaming sector, our team has worked with many of the largest hardware manufacturers, software publishers, and developers in the space. And we’ve helped these companies create and market some of the biggest franchises of our time.


Consumer Packaged Goods

As a valued innovation partner to both start-ups and established CPG companies, Listen has supported clients at every stage of the innovation journey. We’ve helped explore new market opportunities, prioritize and optimize product concepts and late-stage prototypes, as well as develop positioning strategies for optimal success.



From global consumer exploration studies to brand health and advertising research, Listen has partnered with healthcare marketing agencies and Fortune 500 companies to deliver actionable insights across the healthcare ecosystem.  We are experienced conducting both qualitative and quantitative work with key constituents across the healthcare world from physicians and patients to payers, nurses, and front office staff.